Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign
We have achieved our $4,500,000 out of $4,500,000 goal. THANK YOU!

We have celebrated over 93 years of faithful, caring service! It is now time to look ahead to the next 90 years…or at least the next 1-2 years. The Monte Vista Grove Homes (MVGH) Board of Trustees, together with residents and staff, are doing just that. During a 2013 strategic planning session this group identified the need for a Memory Care Residence and a comprehensive Wellness Center as key priorities. Fast forward to 2017. We are now in the final stages of making these priorities a reality. Development of the facility design and fundraising plan are currently underway with input from residents, trustees, staff and expert consultants in dementia care, fitness/wellness and capital campaign fundraising.

Please take a moment to view our Honorary and Memorial Tributes here.
Why is Memory Care Important for our Campus and Surrounding Community?

Statistics tell us that every six minutes a person in the United States is diagnosed with dementia. Just as the number of older adults has increased, the number of older adults with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other cognitive impairment has grown exponentially. Today, life expectancies extend into the 80s and 90s, accompanied by new demands for care.

Building a Memory Care Residence (MCR) will allow MVGH and community residents to remain close to home, aging in place as appropriate to their needs. Another meaningful benefit will be that resident couples will have the option of moving into the MCR together, avoiding painful separation. Pasadena and West San Gabriel Valley senior adults from the local community will also have the opportunity to reside in the Memory Care residence.

Located near the Health Center, our new Memory Care Residence will:

  • Support 10 ambulatory individuals in a least restrictive, homelike environment
  • Provide appropriate staffing, training, and security
  • Provide the opportunity for spouses to remain together
  • Provide a choice between a private room with private bathroom or a private room with a shared bathroom
  • Include a safe, easily accessible outdoor space designed to stimulate sensory cognition
  • Provide space for activities, family visits, and exercise


Why is a Wellness Center Important?

Whether we read it in the media, hear it from our loved ones or get the message in our doctor’s office, we’re frequently reminded of the importance of exercise for adults over the age of 65. Exercise extends life, helps prevent impaired cognition and is vital to remaining independent for as long as possible. Medical professionals agree that exercise:

  • Reduces the impact of illness and chronic disease, including dementia
  • Enhances cognition, mobility, flexibility, and balance in older adults
  • Helps older adults maintain a healthy weight and cognitive function
  • Improves sleep and cognitive function
  • Boosts mood, self-confidence and cognitive function

Our Wellness Center will provide a dedicated space for physical, occupational and massage therapies for our campus residents who have been prescribed a therapy regimen. In addition, it will house all resident exercise programs including strength training, stretching, yoga, balance training, basketball, dance, Tai Chi, and nutrition education. Approximately half the space in the new Wellness Center will support our therapy and exercise programs, while the other half is designed to be flexible for multi-purpose use, affording indoor and outdoor space for activities and meetings. The Wellness Center will also allow current and former assisted living and skilled nursing residents from the broader community to continue their rehabilitation therapies on our campus.


“As we approach our 90s, our gratitude to God for Monte Vista Grove Homes grows exponentially with each day! Now in our 15th year living here, we are fully committed to the philosophy of MVGH and will do everything we can to support the provision for the Memory and Wellness Centers for the well-being of MVGH and the greater Pasadena community.”
Gary & Marily Demarest, MVGH Residents

As resident Shirley Castles states, “There is a fountain of youth and it’s called exercise.”

“While I understood the need for specialized memory care during my ministry, my awareness is heightened due to Barbara’s dementia”
John Toay, MVGH Resident

The success in raising the requisite, additional funds will require the commitment and financial support of the entire Monte Vista Grove Homes community — residents and resident families, PC (USA) congregations and faith-based organizations. We will also invite other individuals, foundations, and corporations that share our mission and vision to participate in this critical effort. Our goal is $4.5 million. Please join us in making a gift to our capital campaign to support these vital programs.