Grove Residents at Climate Action

Seven people from the Grove showed up for the youth-led Climate Strike action here in Pasadena at 8:30 a.m. at City Hall on Friday, September 20, their gray heads standing out in a sea of about three hundred young people. Pat and Cecil Hoffman, Mae Gautier, Norm Thomas, Merilie Robertson, Nancy Macky, and Dave Winters. We were happy to greet others we knew or met from churches in the area.

We had eaten breakfast listening to news of Climate Strike actions rolling around the earth: Australia, London, New York. Now it was our turn in Pasadena. This action was organized by high school students from Sequoyah High School here in town. They began with a "Die-In," which was challenging for our group, lying on the cement steps.

Then before the march, a climate science teacher got the program started by announcing they were going to use the "public mike." Young students stepped up one at a time and spoke from their hearts about climate change. They would speak a line or two. Then everyone who could hear them repeated what they said. It was moving to hear their comments amplified by the crowd. That fueled us for the brisk march down to Colorado Blvd. and then west toward Old Town before circling back.

The young people were quite responsive to seeing our group of seniors showing up and participating. They especially loved Mae's sign, "Grandma says Go Green."