Presidential Ponderings

Do you have trouble saying “no?” This is my personal way to respond.

I had a hard time saying “no” when I was younger. Now my philosophy is that I have a chance to choose. I have the opportunity to say “yes” and the freedom to say “no.” I love to sing. When I first arrived at MVGH, I enjoyed singing for the Queen and her Court. I love to preach, but my lungs tell me I can’t any longer. After about 10 minutes my voice gives out. In the past it was difficult when asked to volunteer or give for some special needs. Yet, as I grow older I have the freedom to choose on any request that comes my way. I used to have “self-inflicted guilt” but no longer.

This Christmas I received more requests for donations than I ever have in my life. Now, often included, is a nickel or a dime with a request that it be returned with a donation. I am aware that this is a part of a marketing plan that has been budgeted. So, I keep the money rather than sending it back, costing me a $.55 stamp. Sorry!

I continue to assist many wonderful requests. Now, however, my major contributions are to my church and MVGH. (By the way, since you elected me as President, when I ask, I expect you to say “yes”!) Thank you for your prayers and understanding.

-- John Toay, Residents Association President