Presidential Ponderings


Gary Demarest was pastor in Hamburg, NY, while I was pastor in Niagra Falls. Little did we dream that we would be completing our lives in the same building at Monte Vista Grove Homes. While he was pastor at La Canada Presbyterian Church, he gave my name to the pastor nominating committee in Downey. We have been good friends for many years.

It was while I was a member of the Monte Vista Grove Homes board of directors that Gary presented his application to become a resident here. I'm going to share a confession with you: before I turned in my application for MVGH, I had doubts about retiring and living with a bunch of ministers. A good friend of mine once said, "God moves in mischievous ways, His wonders to perform." It was through His special nudge that we are all residents in this wonderful place.

Barbie and I arrived at absolutely the right time. We have been here for over ten years, and many of you knew her before her dementia. Every day I thank the Lord for the marvelous care she receives in our Health Center.

I know that all of you feel the same way about the wonderful care we continue to receive from our staff. It is my hope and prayer that we will achieve our goal to adequately say "thank you" to each of our staff at our December celebration.

-- John Toay, Residents Association President