Disaster Drill

Wednesday, June 12

5:00AM to 6:00AM
Mark your calendar for the Disaster Drill on June 12, from 5 to 6 A.M. This drill is designed to let the night shift of the Health Center participate in a campus-wide exercise. The night charge nurse will be the Incident Commander until regular administrative staff arrives. This means Area Leaders will contact the charge nurse if there is a serious, life-threatening injury in their area. Once an administrator arrives on campus, that person becomes the Incident Commander and Area Leaders will contact him/her to report problems. Minor injuries receive first aid in each area.

Area Leaders will check for injuries, utility problems and damage in their area. Each leader fills out a form accounting for everyone in their area and describing any damages. Take this form to the Incident Commander.

We will pretend that all utilities will be unavailable during this drill. The kitchen and Health Center will run on the back-up generator. There will be no coffee during the drill!

We are looking for volunteers to role play injuries. If you are interested, please contact Nancy Lain in the Business Office. (there are prizes involved!)

You can arrange with your Area Leader to put up your “I’m Okay” or “We’re Okay” signs the night before otherwise he or she will be knocking on your door to make sure you are uninjured.

Winners of the March 6th Disaster Drill:

• 100% participation – Areas 2, 7 & 8 – these areas received $50 VISA gift cards to purchase additional emergency supplies for their areas.

• Winners drawn from the participants in Areas 2, 7 & 8:

o Area 2 – Kathie Jacobsen

o Area 7 – Dick Cole

o Area 8 – Tom & Donna Eggebeen

Each of these winners received a $10 gift card to Chili’s or Red Robin!

• Other results:

o Area 1–0%

o Area 3–87.5%

o Area 5–33.3%

o Area 6–85.7%

o Area 9–83.3%

Overall participation = 73.73%

If you want to help you can volunteer with your Area Leader. If everything is all right at your unit, put up a sign saying “I’m Okay” or “We’re Okay”.

-- Jane Atkins Vásquez