Several Expressions of Appreciation and Thanks

After many years of faithful service on the Convocation committee, Rosemary Pierson is stepping down after being the sponsor for our October 10 new residents program. She has suggested and sponsored a huge number of programs for us over the years, and we are deeply grateful for her many hours of work and her creative ideas for new programs.

-Jim Symons

A HUGE thank you to the four dedicated and conscientious persons who daily sort and distribute our USPS mail to our locked personal mailboxes-Barbara and Dick Dosker, and Lynda and Bruce Calkins! It's a great and consistent service these four dedicated persons provide each of us on a daily basis.

When we are away for a number of weeks in summer, our mail is forwarded to us; an extra burden for which we are very grateful and can't thank this special crew for enough! They protect us from falling behind in paying our bills! A thousand thanks!

-Barbara and Jim Mathieu

Every once in a while I feel a tug at my heart to write a thank-you note to those who give so much to us Monte Vista Grove Homes residents. Marilyn Manning has served us creatively in her dedication to the Tidings and the Residents Council. She jumped right into our activities after her arrival on campus. We appreciate her willing spirit and welcoming smile, no matter the task at hand.

Another person who has enriched our lives in so many ways and for many years is Beverly Grant. She cleans empty units, organizes the Monte Vista stores, plans the May and October sales days, manages and decorates the guest units, receives more phone calls than one would dream of concerning store donations, and she now has started an Uber service for Ken's wheelchair use. She thinks of everything! What a multi-talented woman!

Our gratitude and admiration are endless as we give thanks for these women's gifts and ministries.

-Carole Bos