The Health Center FAQs

Are there private rooms available?

We have 2 rooms specifically designated as “private” with the remaining 19 rooms as “semi-private” (2 per room). Some people choose to pay additional to have a “private suite” which is a semi-private room, converted to a private room. This is allowed with approval by the Executive Director.

What is included in the daily rate?

The daily rate includes room, all meals, snacks, linens, 24 hour nursing care (includes assistance with all activities of daily living and medication management), activity program, social services, television with in-house satellite programming, with internet and private phone.

Do you accept weekend admissions?

Yes. Arrangements can be made for Saturday or Sunday admissions.

Are there set visiting hours?

Family and friends are encouraged to visit whenever it is convenient. Visiting is only restricted for medical reasons.

Are rehab services available?

Rehab services, such as Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy, are available under Medicare Part A, Part B, or private pay.

How involved can family be?

Very! Family and friends are encouraged to visit regularly, join in with residents in the Activity Program, participate in designing a plan of care, and become acquainted with our residential campus.

Are pets welcome?

Yes, pets on a leash are welcome to visit. Owners are responsible to “clean up” (inside or out) and keep their pet under control.

What other services are available onsite?

Dentist, Podiatrist, Optometrist, Audiologist, Chaplain, Laundry, Transportation, Beauty Salon, and Medical Director.

What does the Activity Program include?

The activities for the month are posted on the bulletin board near the Nurses’ Station, as well as in each resident’s room. Regularly offered activities include exercise classes. Tai-Chi, painting class, parties, musical programs, outings and theme days. Requests and in-house talent are welcome!

The campus is so beautiful! Is it restricted for use by Independent Living residents?

Our 13.5 acre, beautifully landscaped campus is open to all residents including those in the Health Center. Feel free to enjoy the koi pond, take your loved one for a wheelchair walk, or have a picnic under the trees directly north of the Health Center.

Are all faiths welcome?

Both Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living are open to the community regardless of religious affiliations.

Can a resident have guests at meal time?

Yes! With 30 minutes notice, we can provide guest meals.

Can family join residents on holidays?

Yes! Sign up for special holiday celebrations at the Nurses’ Station.

What insurance does MVGH accept?

MVGH is Medicare certified for Part A and B. Most Long Term Care Insurance policies will cover medically necessary custodial care.

I have more questions, who do I ask?

Contact the Office Manager, Nancy Lain, at (626) 796-6135, ext. 112 OR Chief Executive Officer, Deborah Herbert, at (626) 796-6135, ext. 415, Monday through Friday during normal business hours.