Neighborhood News


Neighborhood 3 meets quarterly on the third Wednesday of the month in the Gamble Room. In past meetings Paul Pierson has reported on N.T. Wright’s book on St. Paul and Bryce Little has discussed their trip to Little Easter Island. At the most recent meeting everyone shared in the discussion. The meeting time is 4:30 to 5:30 pm just in time for dinner in the Dining Room. Lee Hawthorne is the convener and Paul Pierson serves as the contact person.


Neighborhood 6 meets on the first Monday of each month. Helen Baatz was introduced as a new resident at a recent afternoon meeting. The meeting was held in Mas Hibino’s apartment. June, his daughter, came from Fullerton to help with refreshments. The group was amused by the challenge of introducing Helen to the Grove so instead each Neighbor shared their own personal cares and concerns.

The last meeting was held in Jim and Barbara Mathieu’s home. That meeting became very memorable because Leon Fanniel made an enormous effort to be present. His presence provided a special memory for the Neighborhood. The next meeting in March will be in the home of Kathy and Dale Bruner


Neighborhood 7 met recently on a Friday afternoon to welcome Merilie Robertson who is the new resident in Apartment D85. Bill and Polly Craig hosted the meeting in their home. The meeting included all 21 Neighbors. Merilie shared bits of her life story and the others in the group shared their stories as well. (The group did take a break for refreshments!)

It was learned that Merilie is a native Californian. Her grandparents were California ‘49ers who settled in Auburn, California. They later moved by wagon and a team of horses from Northern California to Simi Valley. Merilie is a very welcome, enthusiastic addition to the Neighborhood.


Neighborhood 8 meets on a Wednesday evening. The whole Neighborhood has recently benefited from the abundant harvest of the Cunninghams’ navel orange tree. Thank you to the Cunninghams!

An important member of the Neighborhood is Max. Max, the dog, is the beloved pet of Barbro and Chuck Hammond. For Max’s exercise Norm Thomas and Mae Gautier walk with him every day of the week but one. One day a week Judy Ballenger takes Max for his morning and evening jaunt. Judy reports that Max is a sweetheart and a very lovable pooch. This daily schedule for walking Max has lasted for more than two years. There are some very thoughtful Neighbors in Neighborhood 8!