From the Chief Executive Officer

Town Meeting Highlights:

> We have a new website! Go to and check it out. Your resident login should still work. If you have any questions or suggestions, please forward them to Noelle at

>We will soon have an “app”! Once launched, residents, staff and trustees will have different interfaces so that they can see content specific to their needs and interests. We will be able to make updates and changes to this as well.

> The Marwick Remodel will necessitate the closing of Marwick from June – August so that we can accomplish everything that needs to get done. Some “in-house” meetings will still take place in June as most of the work will be in the North Room. As soon as the final decisions are made, we will post a board of colors and information for everyone to see.

>What happened to the popcorn machine? After two close calls resulting in false alarm charges from the fire department (a total of $750) we have removed the popcorn machine and are in search of one with an automatic shutoff. It simply isn’t worth the risk and expense to keep using the old one.

>I have heard that the entrance and monthly fees are too high... a comparison of the “Good Ol’ Days” and today were shown. If you factor in the construction and donations that residents were responsible for in the past, there is very little difference. Anyone who is interested in applying but thinks the fees are too high should meet with me so we can discuss the options available. Let’s be sure that we are sharing facts and not spreading misinformation.

>We have so many empty units... An in-depth presentation was made outlining several challenges that not just MVGH but many senior communities are facing. Strategies were shared to meet each of these challenges.

>Why is the Town Meeting at 2:30 pm? For older residents, that’s nap time! After a good laugh and some discussion it was decided to try having the Town Meeting at 3:15 pm.

I look forward to our informal meetings in July: Tea & Cookies with the CEO on July 16th at 11 am or July 18th at 4 pm. Location: to be determined.

Have a great summer! – Deborah Herbert